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The Story of Little Hum (the prequel)

little hum prequel

The Story of Little Hum (the prequel)

Here is The Story of Little Hum (the prequel). I wrote it for children.

It is the story of a Longing who travels across the universe looking for an adventure.

You will need a quiet space and 6 minutes and 44 seconds to listen to it.

You may want to listen to it with your children.

I do hope you love it!

Warmest wishes,

Gail, Founder of Lessons Alive

  1. Lovely, so excited!!!!!

  2. Oh, Gail, how absolutely beautiful, brilliant, entertaining, sweet, and very, very magical! It brought happy tears to my eyes! And a deep sense of peace. Whole-y and healing.
    Our 11 year old asked a little way in (before Little Hum got to the queue), “Is he dying?” Mr. 6 year old corrected him non-chalantly, “No..he’s being born!”
    Ah, the wisdom of children!✨
    Love Little Hum!

    • Thank you so much, Jina! I have only just seen your message but love what your children had to say! Yes, we grossly underestimate them!

  3. Such a lovely story, well read and beautiful music!
    If this is the prequel, can’t wait to hear more.

  4. What a lovely story, thank you

  5. Hi Gail,

    Realy love THE story.
    It gave settlement and hope for life and living.
    Beautifull Voice as well.

    Warm greetings,
    Glow SYTN

    • Thank you so much, Glow! I have only just seen this comment even though it was sent in August! Feel free to share it with others you meet. Onwards and upwards. More to follow 🙂

  6. Simply wonderful!!! Looking forward to the rest of the story…

  7. Just love your style and this story is just so sweet! I feel more grown-up too now!!

  8. What a lovely story , Gail.
    I’m sure children will be delighted by it

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