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A 100 Things

A Hundred Things to Learn Before You’re 10

During the first ten critical years of their life your child will create the foundation that will influence them for the rest of their lives. Guiding them is an awesome responsibility. I know you feel that and want to do a good job. This will help you.

To begin with, when working with children this age, the questions we need to keep in mind are:

  1. What does this child need (at core)? and
  2. What is this child actually learning?

When you fight with them over homework…what are they actually learning?
When they’re left to copy out handwriting sheets….what are they actually learning?
When they tell you they ‘hate reading’…what do they really mean?
When you repeat yourself over and over because you ‘really mean it’…what are they actually learning?

And what should they be learning? And how do we do that?
And what about what you – mum or dad – want?
What can you reasonably expect of a 4….5…..6….7….8…year old???

And how do you teach them independence?
Why do so many suffer poor self esteem?
And how do you build confidence?
What about resilience? Creativity?
And what can you do about concentration? Pressure? Screen time?

A Hundred Things to Learn before You’re 10 draws on 40 years of teaching and life experience.
It answers a hundred questions or more from the best of that experience about the stages of core development and what a growing human needs.

It will give you the insights, knowledge, resources and strategies that can show you how to make sure your child understands their purpose; is motivated in their learning and keen to excel in life to the best of their ability.

Be confident about what you do. Find out more about A Hundred Things to Learn before You’re 10.

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