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Motivate Your Child from Within

Are you worried about how much time your child wastes in school because of poor motivation, lack of concentration or poor organisation or listening skills?

Do you spend hours trawling the internet looking for materials to help them with creative writing; with maths; with comprehension - and then not really know if what you've found is what they need?

Lessons Alive can help.

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motivate your child


Motivate your child! Lessons Alive shows children and their parents just how capable, resourceful and talented they can be.

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Bespoke Teaching Sessions can liberate children to become the best they can be, build on their success and know how to maintain it.

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Bespoke Workshops for parents to give them the perceptions and tools they need to establish confident leadership of their growing family.

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After making enormous gains from utilising the power of Lessons Alive, children & their parents can rightly celebrate their new found success.

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Lessons Alive is about Motivating Children from Within. Its proven formula takes your child to the next level.

Why choose us?

  • Unique approach for children & parents
  • Proven results
  • Over 30 years of teaching practice.
  • Helping parents to help their children.
  • Professional guidance

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