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Listening Skills – a Course for Parents and Children

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Thursday, September 12th
Thursday, September 26th
Thursday, October 10th
Thursday, November 7th

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This four-part course is designed to equip parents with the insights, knowledge and tools to teach their children to become better listeners at home and at school.

  • Module One 12/9: PARENTS ONLY : The Why, The How and The Insights that will boost parents confidence when teaching this skill to their children and how we’re going to help them make it happen
  • Module Two 26/9: Each PARENT brings along ONE CHILD who will go through the course. In this session, Listening will be defined, explained and expanded through the introduction of the Two Lives* (taken from 100 Things to Learn before you’re 10’), with activities and examples. (Fun) homework included
  • Module Three 10/10: Parent and same child: how to be a fantastic listener at school….activities about the brain, the listening and learning process with techniques to apply and how to follow this up at home. 
  • Module Four 7/11: Parent and child focus on listening at home. More activities and guidance leading to The Listening Contract.

In addition to the four learning sessions, parents will be invited to join a closed Whatsapp support group for the duration of the course (2-3 months) as additional support while they work to develop their children’s listening skills. 

Let’s make this happen! Together!


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