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How it works

Tried and Tested Solutions that Get Results

Over many years working in education, founder of Lessons Alive, Gail Hugman, has developed a series of tried and tested methods that address the problems that plague our children’s educational development in today’s hectic world. Gail runs a series of Workshops for Parents that cover areas such as “concentration skills”, “listening skills”, “writing skills” etc. that empower parents to help their children improve their success and gain new confidence.

By tapping into Gail’s knowledge and experience, parents are being armed with invaluable resources so they are able to motivate their children to make significant progress at school and home.

What to Expect

Come to our next Lessons Alive Workshop for Parents and learn how you can make an incredible difference to your child’s educational development. Besides the standard workshop documentation, you will also receive the following invaluable resources:

  • Motivating children to do homework
  • Handy Homework Kit Checklist!
  • About Listening….
  • Simple Lessons Alive tips for supporting learning in primary aged children
  • Teaching Children Value and Appreciation Poem

If you are ready to take the next step to improve your child’ future, book your place now.

Thank you!

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Quick Tip

Put together a ‘homework kit’ so that everything is ready and a lost pencil is no excuse. Life can be so much easier when we are prepared for all eventualities!